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n. Cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal.


Our team of professionals

VATT is an independent private equity firm with over 45 years of experience. Since 1991, we focus exclusively on the european market segment, whereby we advise local and international small, mid-size and large companies.
Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in real estate, finance, fiscal & customs and business consultancy. All partners are also shareholders of VATT. We maintain offices in The Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

Richard Vat

Richard Vat

European Customs Fiscal Specialist & Partner

Richard joined the VATT team in 2004, having worked at MSC Shipping. He studied Fiscal Law at Tilburg University. Richard can be reached on +31 135 700 549 or via

Maria Seifert-Klonowska

Maria Seifert-Klonowska

Business Administration

Maria joined the VATT team in 2000. She studied Business Administration at the University of Wroclaw. Maria can be reached via

Edwin Vat

Edwin Vat

Managing Consultant & Partner

Edwin joined the VATT team in 2010, having previously worked at Kroon-Oil and was CEO of Vatoil. He studied Marketing & Business Administration at the Open University of Heerlen. Edwin can be reached on +31 641 009 484 or via

Zygmunt Matusiewicz

Zygmunt Matusiewicz

Investment Director

Zygmunt joined the VATT team in 1994, having previously worked at Sikkens / AkzoNobel. Zygmunt can be reached on +48 660 461 003 or via

Pieter Vat

Pieter Vat

President of the board

Pieter founded VATT in 1991. He started his entrepreneurial career in the ‘70s and still is the rock-solid engine behind the company.  “Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today.”

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