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Quality of Life in Wroclaw

Quality of Life in Wroclaw

Date 12 / 05 / 2016 - By Edwin Vat - Category from the web

Wroclaw is one of the largest and most modern cities in Poland and at the same time one of the major tourist centers in the country.

Over one thousand years of city’s history is represented through numerous architectural monuments, and the city itself, located by the Odra river and its canals, is considered the most beautiful city in Poland. For years Wroclaw has also been a major cultural center and has hosted many artistic and sports events of international character. The citizens of Wroclaw benefit from the well developed public transport system, perfect road infrastructure as well as easy access to education, offices and other institutions. Wroclaw is a balanced and harmonious city of unique atmosphere which is being sensed even by the short stay visitors.


Wroclaw’s climate, the city’s care for its appearance, specific demographic situation, dynamic economic development as well as the attractive market enhance the high quality of life in the city. The attractiveness of Wroclaw as the perfect place to work and live, is confirmed by the results of the Antal International survey, “Activity of specialists and managers on the job market”, in which relocation attractiveness of Polish cities was examined.  According to the results of the examination Wroclaw obtained the highest score.


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