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VATT-CAPITAL with offices in The Netherlands, Spain and Poland, VATT-CAPITAL as a family owned private equity player in Europe we make investments in attractive international operating companies with a typical transaction size of between € 2 and € 20 million.

We team up with entrepreneurial managers to create highly successful businesses, enabling them to acquire and expand the organizations they work for. Over the years, we have invested in a large number of companies with activities in a wide range of sectors. The funds we invest have been entrusted by the Vat family. Our team consists of professionals with experience in Private Equity, Real Estate, FMCG and Consultancy. The average transaction size varies between 2 million and 20 million euro. We maintain offices in the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

VATT has more than 45 years’ experience investing in companies. We take an active role in the organization we invest in, based on our in-depth understanding of everyday business challenges. We partner the incumbent management team, through good times and bad.

Over the past four decades, VATT has established an extensive industry network, which we will happily mobilize to achieve your strategic objectives.

Sector-based knowledge
Give or take the odd exception, VATT invests in all sectors. That said, we are particularly experienced in the food sector, the service sector, and manufacturing.

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Our goals

VATT-Capital invests not only sustainable;  we believe that a long-term relationship with you is important. In our opinion collaboration is a prerequisite for success. This concerns both individual achievements and the ability to achieve together. The experienced VATT team is highly committed and only satisfied with perfection, down to the smallest details. For us quality is synonymous with sustainable.

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VATT-Capital, the Netherlands is a family owned private equity company with over 45 years of experience.

Successful entrepreneurs

We recognize that successful companies are built by successful entrepreneurs. We therefore back talented and motivated management teams, offering them the opportunity to take economic, operational and strategic ownership while providing the support they need to secure profitable growth. Allow us to introduce you to some of the companies that we’ve worked with.

Gilde / De Oliebron

Gilde / De Oliebron

“In 2010 the acquisition of VATOil was completed providing entrance to the fast-growing East European markets,” commented Jeroen Nienhaus of GEM Benelux.

AkzoNobel / Sikkens

AkzoNobel / Sikkens

Vatt, which is based in Wroclaw, Poland, successfully launched Akzo Nobel's Sikkens products on the Czech and Polish markets during the 1980s and '90s. The Polish business used to operate through a nationwide distribution network supported by car refinish training centres in Wroclaw and Gydnia.

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45 years business history, we have seen it, felled it and enjoyed it. Looking forward to talk openly about the opportunities, difficulties and possibilities for your company.

Edwin Vat

Edwin Vat

Managing Consultant & Partner

Edwin joined the VATT team in 2010, having previously worked at Kroon-Oil and was CEO of Vatoil. He studied Marketing & Business Administration at the Open University of Heerlen. Edwin can be reached on +31 641 009 484 or via

Zygmunt Matusiewicz

Zygmunt Matusiewicz

Investment Director

Zygmunt joined the VATT team in 1994, having previously worked at Sikkens / AkzoNobel. Zygmunt can be reached on +48 660 461 003 or via

Pieter Vat

Pieter Vat

President of the board

Pieter founded VATT in 1991. He started his entrepreneurial career in the ‘70s and still is the rock-solid engine behind the company.  “Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today.”

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